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Emily Waters, Top Books, Freebies, and a Beautiful Dog

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We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate, especially since tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Here at IHS Headquarters, we’re downing eggnog like it’s going out of style. Or at least TB is. Miranda’s not as big a fan of eggnog, and has been giving TB some serious side eye every time she appears on a Zoom call with a fresh cup. TB just responds by saying, “It’s important to stay hydrated and we need to be in top form for the kickoff of End of the Year 99c Blowout Sale.”

By the way, the sale starts on December 26th. Mark your calendars!

Now for today’s Friday Feels.

Please remember that sale prices listed in today’s post are valid for a limited time only and may change without notice. International prices may vary. Always check the price in your local marketplace before purchasing.

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Random Things:

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5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Emily Waters.

1. I am a makeup fanatic. I have a big collection and a whole room in my house that is essentially my closet/office/vanily and we call it the makeup room. I don’t think wearing makeup is necessary or essential or anything, I just like it as a form of artistic expression.

2. I don’t have children, but I do have two dogs that I treat like human babies. They are ten-year-old Schnoodle siblings named Daniel and Sophie. I love animals that have extremely common human names. I just find that inexplicably hilarious.

3. I never learned how to ride a bicycle. I just skipped that day of childhood, I guess. I can drive a car, so it worked out fine, anyway. People always offer to teach me or tell me I could probably get on a bike and get it right away. The answer is no.

4. I have worked for a city, a county, and the federal government. I’m just missing working for the state level. I like to think I’ll get it one day! Like EGOTing for the government.

5. I have six tattoos so far. I got my first one when I was around 25 and my latest one last October. I love them all, but I particularly love my Harriet the Spy tattoo. It’s still my favorite book to this day. I also have a Captain Janeway tattoo which is a close second.

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Free Books:

Pet of the Week!

Dog pet of the week photo

Meet the beautiful Molly! Submitted by Parker G, a reader.

That’s all for today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday!

Miranda & TB

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