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Coming Attractions: Books on Preorder Now

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Be the first of your friends to read the next big sapphic book by snagging one of these great titles on preorder right now!

We hate being the last to hear about fantastic new sapphic books. How about you?

In fact, one of the main reasons TB started the website in 2017 was to help spread the word about all the new sapphic book goodies entering the world so no one would miss out.

Every Tuesday we publish our new release newsletter. But we want to do even more to help readers find books, which is why we’ve created this preorder page. Because we know some of you can’t wait for the next fabulous book to land on your eReader and want to make sure you have it the second it becomes available.

All the books below are available for preorder. This means you can reserve your copy now and have it appear on your eReader on launch day, almost like magic!

Authors: Do you have a preorder you’d like us to include?

If you want your book added to this page, simply submit the New Release Form. When we process it, we’ll add your book here and also schedule it for the new release newsletter after launch day rolls around. Please note, we’re only including books that are releasing in October 2023 or later.

We’re pleased to say that, just like our new release newsletter and sale book listings, there is absolutely no fee to have your book added to the preorder page. We’re happy to do it as a service to the sapphic reading community.

Now for the books!

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Here is how AUTHORS and PUBLISHERS can help even more:
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PS: If you ever need a refresher on how to best support IHS, click on the heart icon in our header or footer and it will bring you to the support page. We’ll be sure to keep it up to date.

Why do we need this support?

People often ask why we do so many things for free, including valuable services most sites would charge for. The reasons are simple. As readers, we know the joy of finding the perfect book at just the right moment. As authors, we know the pain of being blocked from potential readers because of gatekeepers and lack of funds.

With that said, we could really use some help. We have big plans for enhancing our offerings. But every addition costs money.

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