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Cover of Reclaiming Love

Book: Reclaiming Love

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Sarah Campbell told one tiny white lie. When her tech-giant employer moves her to a cottage on a small Scottish island to work on a classified, controversial, and potentially world-saving project, Sarah must keep her eco-terrorist mother in the dark…

Cover of Reading Her

Book: Reading Her

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Awkward teenager Hugo Whittaker doesn’t know a cross-trainer from an elliptical, but getting strong is the only way to fight off the bullies who won’t leave him alone. Lauren Evans loves her job as a fitness instructor, and she wants…

Cover of Protecting the Lady

Book: Protecting the Lady

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Former Protection Command Officer Eve Webb quit her job when a terrorist incident revealed that internal communication failures had caused multiple deaths. Now her former commanding officer and mentor has asked for a favor, and Eve can’t say no. It…

Cover of Under Her Influence

Book: Under Her Influence

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Fraser Park, the award-winning Scottish nature reserve and theme park, means everything to Beth Fraser. She’s more than a little preoccupied saving her family’s legacy and struggling against a board of directors who all seem to hate her. The last…

Cover of Detour to Love

Book: Detour to Love

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

High-flying executive Celia Scott is on her way to Tokyo to accept a prestigious award heavy with emotional baggage. She’ll make the trip, but she doesn’t have to like it, and she certainly doesn’t have to make nice with a…

Cover of Flight SQA016

Book: Flight SQA016

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Emily White works an exhausting transatlantic schedule for Crown Airlines. Crippling debt means she spends more time in the air as a member of the first-class cabin crew than she does on the ground being a mother, and she desperately…

Cover of Going Up

Book: Going Up

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Selina Hale is on her way to the top. She’s been working towards a boardroom position on the thirteenth floor for her entire career. And no one is going to get in her way. Not her clueless boss, her soon…

Cover of Grounded

Book: Grounded

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Olivia Lewis’s really big mistake has cost her the chance for forever with Emily White and her five-year-old son, Henry. Brokenhearted, she deals with romantic failure in the only way she knows how—by throwing herself into her work. Timely, considering…

Cover of Journey's End

Book: Journey's End

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Newly retired and ever-efficient Olivia Lewis is throwing herself into married life. She’s going to be a domestic goddess and the world’s best parent to Henry before the ink has dried on her marriage certificate. Marriage has given Emily White…

Cover of Humbug

Book: Humbug

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

Ellie Pearce adores Christmas so much she celebrates all year round, earning herself the nickname Christmas Girl. If only she liked her job as much as eggnog lattes and mistletoe. Stuck as a marketing analyst for London-based recruitment company Caldwell…