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Cover of The Romance Recipe

Book: The Romance Recipe

By Ruby Barrett | Narrated by Chelsea Stephens, Natalie Naudus

Amy will do anything to revive her ailing restaurant, including hiring a former reality-show finalist with good connections and a lot to prove. But her hopes that Sophie’s skills and celebrity status would bring her restaurant back from the brink…

Cover of Fly with Me

Book: Fly with Me

By Andie Burke | Narrated by Chelsea Stephens

A one-way ticket to love or a bumpy ride ahead? Flying-phobic ER nurse Olive Murphy is still gripping the armrest from her first-ever take-off when the pilot announces an in-flight medical emergency. Olive leaps into action and saves a life,…

Cover of The Heart of the Banshee

Book: The Heart of the Banshee

By Carolyn Elizabeth | Narrated by Chelsea Stephens

They face a dangerous mission in a neighboring port, battling the merciless Ferryman and its captain, Isaac Shaw. When Julia proves herself in combat, her prowess stirs both pride and concern in Branna. But their fiercest challenge isn’t their enemies—it’s…