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Cover of Too Late... I Love You

Book: Too Late... I Love You

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

Too Late… I Love You is the new novel from best-selling, award-winning author Kiki Archer. Connie Parker isn’t convinced by this falling in love lark. Falling hurts, you end up with bruises and scars. She has the perfect answer: she’ll…

Cover of The Big Uneasy

Book: The Big Uneasy

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Ella Lynch

Rebecca has convinced Arabella to accompany her on a trip to New Orleans. Both women are struggling to figure out their new relationship as Rebecca gives Arabella the space she requests, and Arabella comes to terms with her unexpected feelings…

Cover of The Road Ahead

Book: The Road Ahead

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Ella Lynch

Will they work together or pull each other apart? Rebecca is stuck in Portugal. All planes to England are grounded and it’s only two days until Christmas. Desperate to get home but without money to hire a car; she’s stuck….

Cover of The Setup

Book: The Setup

By T.B. Markinson | Narrated by Ella Lynch

As soon as Rory Price’s plane touches down in Britain for her two-year work contract, she has big plans to see and experience everything she can. The one thing that isn’t on the 27-year old’s agenda is a relationship. Tell…

Cover of The Proposal

Book: The Proposal

By T.B. Markinson | Narrated by Ella Lynch

Marley Royce has just two goals for her seventy-two-hour stay in London: land a career-making business deal and finally meet the woman of her dreams face to face. Fate has something else in mind. The mega conglomerate Marley works for…

Cover of Say You’ll Love Me Again

Book: Say You’ll Love Me Again

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

23-year-old piano teacher, Sophie does and it’s kept her hidden for the past five years, but now she’s gone and broken her golden rule: Never let anyone ‘see’ you. Jazz, a wild and carefree comedian, does more than ‘see’ Sophie…

Cover of Binding Devotion

Book: Binding Devotion

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

“But what’s more powerful?” Andi Armstrong is the 29-year-old CEO of the UK’s largest LGBT campaigning organisation, Proud Unity. She’s a public figure, an empowering speaker, a devoted boss and a loyal wife. Or so she thought. Having spent the…

Cover of A Fairytale Of Possibilities

Book: A Fairytale Of Possibilities

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

It’s her business and she’s good at it. Her brides love her for making their dreams come true but she’s not managed to make the magic happen for herself – yet. Trouble is, Lauren’s in love with her best friend…

Cover of Lost In The Starlight

Book: Lost In The Starlight

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

But it’s her gentle light, endearingly shining through all the glitz and glam, that warms the hearts of so many. A shy girl, who’s only ever known fame, born into a world that’s not true to life. Will Honey ever…

Cover of The Date

Book: The Date

By T.B. Markinson | Narrated by Ella Lynch

Brittny Parker, an American graduate student, is moving to London with her lovable Boston terrier, Cooper, in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. Could life get any better? How about adding a super-sexy woman next door?…