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Cover of Secrets in a Small Town

Book: Secrets in a Small Town

By Nicole Stiling | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

But when she starts to receive unsolicited gifts and messages from a stranger, her life turns to chaos. Against her better judgment, Savannah accepts Deputy Chief Mackenzie Blake’s help in the investigation and is more than a little annoyed when…

Cover of Snow Globe

Book: Snow Globe

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

She’s bright and attractive with a good job, a comfortable home and an impending Christmas wedding she’s been planning for months. So when her girlfriend bails less than two weeks before the nuptials, Kenzie’s picture perfect Christmas world begins to…

Cover of What Matters Most

Book: What Matters Most

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

She owns her own specialty shop, she’s made some new friends, and she’s finally feeling like she’s ready to put down some roots in this small Chicago suburb. She’s even struck up some regular flirtatious banter with that sexy blonde…

Cover of Ordinary is Perfect

Book: Ordinary is Perfect

By D. Jackson Leigh | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

In fact, she bought a rundown farm on seventy acres to retreat from the world and live out her simple, ordinary life. Atlanta marketing superstar Autumn Swan’s world is anything but simple. Constantly plugged in to what’s trending on social…

Cover of Autumn's Light

Book: Autumn's Light

By Aurora Rey | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Or two different lives. Since she has no plans for them to collide, it’s not a problem. Graham Connor is a romantic at heart, but she hasn’t had a date in over a year. She vows to let loose and…

Cover of Spring’s Wake

Book: Spring’s Wake

By Aurora Rey | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

She’s thrilled when her niece Graham comes to stay with her while completing her graduate fieldwork aboard the Dolphin Fleet. She’s less than thrilled when Graham starts hanging out with Willa Lange, a sexy wanderer who works for the Fleet…

Cover of Summer’s Cove

Book: Summer’s Cove

By Aurora Rey | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

After her parents’ unexpected deaths, she drops out of medical school and moves to Provincetown to pursue her real passion—art. Darcy Belo is also no stranger to life’s unexpected twists and turns. She never expected to become a single mother…

Cover of Winter's Harbor

Book: Winter's Harbor

By Aurora Rey | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

She decides Provincetown is the perfect winter escape to find some peace and regroup. Alex McKinnon is the pastry chef and proprietor of The Flour Pot Café in the heart of Provincetown. She loves owning her own business and the…

Cover of A More Perfect Union

Book: A More Perfect Union

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Now Zoey finds herself in the unwanted spotlight once again, this time at the heart of a scandal that threatens to devastate the military. Her efforts to contain the fallout are thwarted when the White House assigns a notorious DC…

Cover of Without Justice

Book: Without Justice

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Now in witness protection, she’s working hard to adjust to a life devoid of the things she used to be passionate about. When she meets the smart and beautiful Emily Sinclair, Cade feels hopeful about her new life, but she…