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Cover of 6 Times We Almost Kissed

Book: 6 Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did)

By Tess Sharpe | Narrated by Tess Sharpe

After years of bickering, Penny and Tate have called a truce: they’ll play nice. They have to. Their mothers (life-long best friends) need them to be perfect, drama-free daughters when Penny’s mother becomes a living liver donor to Tate’s mom….

Cover of All Out

Book: All Out

By Saundra Mitchell | Narrated by Bahni Turpin, Allison Hiroto, Christian Barillas, Kevin T. Collins, Inés del Castillo, Marisa Calin

…starred review Featuring original stories from: Malinda Lo Mackenzi Lee Robin Talley Kody Keplinger Elliot Wake Anna-Marie McLemore Shaun David Hutchinson Dahlia Adler Tess Sharpe Kate Scelsa Natalie C. Parker Sara Farizan Nilah Magruder Tessa Gratton Tehlor Kay Mejia Alex…