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Cover of Unexpected Entanglements

Book: Unexpected Entanglements

By Angela K. Crandall

Vela’s life has always been relatively mundane. Working at the pharmacy wasn’t exactly her dream come true, but it paid the bills. And Brant… she’s lucky to have such a doting husband who supports her views and sexuality. When Vela…

Cover of Kenya

Book: Kenya

By Angela K. Crandall

Kenya lives in a foster care home where she doesn’t fit in. When she befriends a girl named Stella, her tiny community begins to change, causing Kenya to question herself and whom she wants to be….

Cover of Awakening the Path

Book: Awakening the Path

By Angela K. Crandall

I inherited Wiccan books, candles, and tarot cards from my mother, who left in an unexpected rush three years ago. Faced with many questions since her departure, I’ve sought wisdom in the craft alongside my best friend Lily, who informed…

Cover of Discovering the Future

Book: Discovering the Future

By Angela Crandall

I must pay the price for discovering Evermoire and my family’s secrets. The lawyers notified Nan they would list my home for sale today, leaving me hollow. Meanwhile, Ellos’ journal rests by my bedside. Dare I glance at it? Could…