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All About The Veracity of Lies

All About: The Veracity of Lies by Anna Woiwood

The Veracity of Lies by Anna Woiwood Released: December 6, 2022 Genre: Romance: Historical Why this book and why now? To me, there’s never a right or wrong time to write something! It’s whatever I am inspired by at the…

Cover of The Veracity of Lies

Book: The Veracity of Lies

By Anna Woiwood

The Wes Goodwin Show was a comedic hit in the 1950s. All across the country, families tuned in weekly to find out what wholesome mischief Kathryn Anderson as Paula, on-screen wife of Wes Goodwin, would get into with her quirky…

Cover of A Tiger in Suburbia

Book: A Tiger in Suburbia

By Anna Woiwood

Drawn to the promise of upward mobility, Vera’s husband moves the family to the suburbs. To a sprawling prefab, split-level home outside the noisy, crowded city. A place where the kids can run free through the woods and play safely…