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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Shot at Love by Annette Mori How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster) by Marie Cardno Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes A Quiet Life by Sienna Waters True Nature by Jae The Case Of The Night Mark by…

Cover of Compound Interest

Book: Compound Interest

By Annette Mori

…keep popping back in to warn them of new catastrophes on the horizon. She doesn’t have time for their warnings, until their enemies intersect once again to keep them working together. From award-winning author, Annette Mori, find out what happens…

Cover of The Book Addict

Book: The Book Addict

By Annette Mori

From award winning author Annette Mori comes the captivating story of Tanya, a young woman whose life is unremarkable without any friends or lovers. Although she has her books and faithful furry companion, Tolstoy, she’s merely existing. Then she meets…

Cover of The Book Witch

Book: The Book Witch

By Annette Mori

…from a book to get out alive. What could possibly go wrong? Will love forge the magic that helps them all triumph? Join Award winning author, Annette Mori, as she brings back the gang from Asset Management, The Organization, and…

Cover of Free To Love

Book: Free To Love

By Annette Mori and Ali Spooner

…growth of slave trade, vowing to find a way to help her thoughts turn to piracy frequently. Will helping those enslaved jeopardize her life, and the life she hopes to have with the Chandler’s Daughter? Forbidden Love by Annette Mori

Cover of The Panty Thief

Book: The Panty Thief

By Annette Mori

Joey Hartford is a fourth-year medical student who often jokes about her jealous mistress—medical school. She insists she doesn’t have time for a relationship given the disastrous consequence of a diversion from her studies, but the new tenant in her…

Cover of Live Forever, Love Forever

Book: Live Forever, Love Forever

By Annette Mori

For Nicky, that’s Sara, who abruptly disappears one day, leaving only a cryptic letter. That day scarred her soul. When the pain starts to diminish, Nicky begins to get her life back on track until it is derailed once again…

Cover of Captivated

Book: Captivated

By Annette Mori

Juliet Lewis has one too many quirks for her own well-being. Snooping was bound to get her in trouble with the locals someday, but when she comes across sexy officer Tanner Sullivan executing the local drug dealer in cold blood,…

Cover of Trouble in Paradise

Book: Trouble in Paradise

By Annette Mori and Ali Spooner

The club’s future is looking bright, and as a thank you, Lindy rewards the crew with an all-expenses paid trip to paradise over the holidays. Soon after arriving on the island, an attractive stranger catches the eye of more than…

Cover of Georgetown Glen

Book: Georgetown Glen

By Annette Mori

Lucy Manetti is positively euphoric over her recent purchase of an old ghost town. Unfortunately, she failed to consult with her wife, Bea, before buying the abandoned village. Predictably, Bea is not as enamored with transforming the ghost town into…