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Cover of A Bargain for Sanctuary

Book: A Bargain for Sanctuary

By Autumn Wolff

Sierra Chelsea is on the run from a sheriff and his deputies after murdering her abusive father. Stumbling through the woods of northern Maine, the young werewolf falls into a shady grove and comes face-to-face with a dark monarch of…

Cover of Heart of the Wolf Goddess

Book: Heart of the Wolf Goddess

By Autumn Wolff

A Magical Lesbian romance about a girl whisked away to a new world and given a different life. Lea Trello doesn’t have a life outside of work. She was raised under strict circumstances to be a safe and restrained young…

Cover of Roving Darkness and the Druid's Destiny

Book: Roving Darkness and the Druid's Destiny

By Autumn Wolff

A Sapphic fantasy romance about a girl with abusive guardians who discovers magic and a new family of her own. Eve has a difficult life with abusive guardians who won’t give her any room to grow. To make matters worse,…

Cover of A Bargain for Bliss

Book: A Bargain for Bliss

By Autumn Wolff

A cozy Lesbian Palace Romance about a submissive werewolf who remains in the hands of a powerful Faerie Queen. It’s been a few months since Sierra Chelsi struck her bargain with the Raven Queen and moved into the palace to…

Cover of Bride of the Elven Innkeeper

Book: Bride of the Elven Innkeeper

By Autumn Wolff | Narrated by Rose Cowel

Running a successful inn is hard work. There are customers to check in, food to prepare, horses to stable, and much more for Lucia to juggle. The crystal elf spends her days working 16-hour shifts to keep the Flying Filly…