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Cover of Alpha

Book: Alpha

By Cheyenne Browning

My name is Nikini, and I am the Alpha’s heir. I turn thirty in two days and I must choose another Alpha as my partner. Once I do, I can take over my pack as their new Alpha. Fate has…

Cover of Abaddon

Book: Abaddon

By Cheyenne Browning | Narrated by Raquel Beattie

Things aren’t easy as the devil’s daughter. A soul is missing, and I must find it. I have one week to restore the natural order or risk the Underworld crumbling and chaos destroying the world. No pressure. But the soul…

Cover of Snowed In

Book: Snowed In

By Cheyenne Browning

When I walk into the house, I have no idea. No idea I’ll meet the one woman that just knocks my introverted ass off my feet. I have work to do and leave, disappointed in myself for not asking her…

Cover of Demands

Book: Demands

By Cheyenne Browning

I live with my Father, the eccentric old man if you listen to the people in town. My father leaves town to sell some things, but he hasn’t come back and it’s been a week. Concerned something has happened to…