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Cover of Avery Awakened

Book: Avery Awakened

By Chloe Peterson

A jilted bride. The mother of the runaway groom. A love neither of them saw coming… Months of longing. Months of turning down dinner invitations. Months of torture from inappropriate dreams. Because Avery’s engaged to my son. Not only am…

Cover of Not On The Resume

Book: Not On The Resume

By Chloe Peterson

Thawing a heart of ice is an art in this steamy age-gap, ice queen romance. After years of dead-end jobs, 26-year-old Elliot catches a break she never expected. Her new boss, Cameron Pierce, is as icy and ruthless as the…

Cover of Not On The Agenda

Book: Not On The Agenda

By Chloe Peterson

Breaking down the walls around a broken heart is no simple task in this steamy age-gap, office romance. After the takeover of her family business, 30-year-old Frankie vows to keep her parents’ shop unchanged. Her plan breaks down when the…

Cover of Not In The Proposal

Book: Not In The Proposal

By Chloe Peterson

Where there’s a will, there’s a way out of the friend zone in this steamy, marriage of convenience romance. When Immigration revokes 31-year-old Mia’s work visa, the life she’s built in the US to support her family in Brazil hangs…

Cover of Fanged Interest

Book: Fanged Interest

By Chloe Peterson

When Jordan rescues a beautiful human from a werewolf attack, two things happen. First, she discovers her true mate. Then, said true mate flees in fear when she sees Jordan’s fangs. Not the reaction she’d hoped for from her future…

Cover of Not In The Contract

Book: Not In The Contract

By Chloe Peterson

Sizzling attraction wasn’t in the contract in this steamy, opposites attract romance. 46-year-old Alex survived foster care and built a construction empire on structure and discipline. So, when a friend asks if a PHD student studying successful foster kids can…

Cover of Not On The Table

Book: Not On The Table

By Chloe Peterson

Despite traveling the world, 46-year-old billionaire Taylor has never found the one. When a snowstorm disrupts her hike and leaves her injured in a remote location, love is the last thing on her mind. 36-year-old Wyatt happily writes novels in…