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Cover of The Four Legs of Fate

Book: The Four Legs of Fate

By D. J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Freshly out of a relationship with a woman who decided she likes guys better, Lisa Fitzgerald parties too much and wakes up the next morning with a puppy. Terra, as she names the dog, turns out to be a designer-breed…

Cover of Roadblocks

Book: Roadblocks

By D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Silke has newly professed her love for Lauren, but her happiness is short-lived when Lauren’s grown daughter moves back home to recuperate after an accident. Lauren, overwhelmed with working at night and taking care of Kayla during the day, struggles…

Cover of Not My Father's Daughter

Book: Not My Father's Daughter

By D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Kerstin Meineke has always known she’s bisexual, and reconnecting with a former classmate and declared lesbian makes her ponder the what-ifs of her own choices. Kerstin’s adult son has moved out and her marriage is in a rut, so when…

Cover of Watching Cars Go By

Book: Watching Cars Go By

By DJ Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Silke, an easy-going German who prefers dodging problems to facing them, follows her job to the US when her bossy, longtime partner Alex refuses to start a family. Once in Texas, the cute blonde, who fixes medical analyzers for a…

Cover of Foreign Facades

Book: Foreign Facades

By D. J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Gwen Worthington is horrified when the woman she loves commits a terrible crime. Fearing for her life, she flees Chicago. An office job on a remote guest ranch promises refuge, possibly even a new start. Minus her phone and credit…

Cover of Duck Sauce

Book: Duck Sauce

By D. J. Fronimos

Geri Thorton, the new owner of a garden center, is well-liked by everyone in her small town, but her ex has done a number on her, leaving her self-esteem at an all time low. No wonder Geri feels instantly lacking…

Cover of Care Less, Cowgirl

Book: Care Less, Cowgirl

By D. J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Steph Haas cares. For the patients in the nursing home she runs, for her family, but most of all, for her partner Lilou, whom she adores. Life is good when she’s pleasing her woman even if it has Steph playing…

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Spotlight on DJ Fronimos and Elke Lakey!

…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on DJ Fronimos and Elke Lakey! D.J. Fronimos: By day, I masquerade as an…

Vintage Woman All About the Books Graphic

All About: Vintage Woman by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Vintage Woman by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey Released: Jan 28, 2023 Genre: Paranormal Romance Why this book and why now? D.J.: Time travel is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile, but it took some time (no pun intended!)…

Cindy Rizzo Selfie, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

…SapphFic, we’re spotlighting authors who’ve joined the Advertising Pilot Program. Check out these spotlights: Rachel Ford Caren J. Werlinger G. R. Browda DJ Fronimos and Elke Lakey Lucy Bexley We wouldn’t be able to run IHS without the amazing support…