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Cover of Once More with Chutzpah

Book: Once More with Chutzpah

By Haley Neil | Narrated by Cady Zuckerman

…Jewish diaspora-Tally must grapple not only with the past, but also with what life will be like when they get back home. Debut author Haley Neil offers a relatable and deeply felt story about identity on the cusp of adulthood….

Cover of Love Through the Shadows

Book: Love Through the Shadows

By D. L. O'Neil

Ever wonder where hate comes from? From small slights or from deeply held beliefs? And what happens when hate runs headlong into the strongest emotion there is…love? Fieldston, a sleepy town in eastern Pennsylvania, is gearing up to host a…

Cover of Planning Perfect

Book: Planning Perfect

By Haley Neil

Felicity Becker loves watching an event come together. Whether it’s prom, graduation, or just the annual Arbor Day school dance, there’s something magical about crafting an experience that people will remember. So when her mom gets engaged, Felicity sees the…

Cover of Reach Past the Shadows

Book: Reach Past the Shadows

By D. L. O'Neil

The residents of Fieldston are healing from the hate crimes that tore the town apart while D’Shea Sinclair and her friends move forward, building lives with those they love. A series of unexplained incidents involving gunshots, drugs, and a mysterious…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Galactic Time by N.D. Shar and Natalie Debrabandere The Master of Puppets by Molly J Bragg Dancing in the Darkness by Lexa Luthor Exiled Stars by Ash Gray Deep Merge by Linda North A Shadow In Love by Karen D….

Reach Past the Shadows All About the Books Graphic

All About: Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O'Neil'

Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O’Neil’Released: Date Genre: Mystery Why this book and why now? The characters in Reach Past the Shadows actually wrote this story themselves–I was just the typist. D’Shea, Evie, Quinn, and Sarge were anxious…

Cover of A Sister's Wish

Book: A Sister's Wish

By Jennis Slaughter | Narrated by Cassandra Arnold

…do just that. What she didn’t know was that her investigation would involve her sister’s best friend, computer programmer Chance O’Neil’ and that they would end up running for their lives in search of the truth all while falling in…

Cover of Curious Minds

Book: Curious Minds

By Rachel Gold

Second-generation lesbian Maze Lister planned to skip the treasure hunt. She’s read all the books—they’re in her moms’ library—and doesn’t need the money. But a late night spent with charismatic athlete Lys Neil changes her mind. The two of them…