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Ann McMan's Getting Rec'd

…read about the personal connections between authors and books. This week, Elena Graf explains why Dead Letters From Paradise is a must read. Elena first read this book on the recommendation of a friend, and they were right! The Southern…

Cover of Summer People

Book: Summer People

By Elena Graf

After a dark winter of loss and isolation, the summer people are returning, including forty-something Melissa Morgenstern, a trust lawyer from Boston. Melissa has been working remotely since the pandemic began. She has temporarily moved to Maine to comfort her…

Cover of Strands

Book: Strands

By Elena Graf

Lucy Bartlett, the rector of the Episcopal Church, and town doctor, Liz Stolz, have finally announced their engagement. They get pushback from surprising places, even from friends they’ve counted on for support. Unresolved issues from Liz’s first marriage cloud the…

Cover of Love in the Time of Corona

Book: Love in the Time of Corona

By Elena Graf

The inspiring story of how a community of close friends deals with the first months of the pandemic. It’s midwinter in Maine, and the biggest problem is a snowstorm. Only Liz Stolz, the senior doctor of Hobbs Family practice, is…

Cover of Acts of Contrition

Book: Acts of Contrition

By Elena Graf

World War II has finally come to an end and Berlin is in ruins. Nearly everything Margarethe von Stahle has sworn to protect has been lost. After being brutally abused by occupying Russian soldiers, Margarethe must rely on the kindness…

Cover of Occasions of Sin

Book: Occasions of Sin

By Elena Graf

For seven centuries, the convent of Obberoth has been hiding the nuns’ secrets-scandalous manuscripts locked in a vault, a ruined medical career, forbidden passions, perhaps even a murder. In the spring of 1931, Margarethe von Stahle, an aristocratic physician, arrives…

Cover of The Imperative of Desire

Book: The Imperative of Desire

By Elena Graf

In the waning years of Queen Victoria’s reign, a brilliant daughter is born to an aristocratic, military family in Prussia. A quirk of inheritance law allows Margarethe von Stahle to inherit her family’s titles. Her elders collaborate to educate her…

Cover of The Dark Winter

Book: The Dark Winter

By Elena Graf

The residents of Hobbs, Maine, are relieved to have gotten through the summer relatively unscathed by the pandemic. Town doctor, Liz Stolz, is warning about a fall surge, but everyone is desperate to get back to normal. Liz has agreed…

Title of High October

Book: High October

By Elena Graf

Liz Stolz and Maggie Fitzgerald were college roommates until Maggie confessed to her parents that she was in love with a woman. Maggie gave up her dream of becoming an actress and married her high school boyfriend. Liz became a…

Cover of Lies of Omission

Book: Lies of Omission

By Elena Graf

In 1938, Margarethe von Stahle is desperately trying to practice ethical medicine despite the Nazi policy of “racial hygiene” that is forcing doctors to collaborate in the extermination of the handicapped and mentally ill. She has always avoided politics, but…