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Cover of Summer Fate

Book: Summer Fate

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Claire Storey

…Duckton-by-Dale villagers and watch Harriet & Grace’s romance blossom… Emma Nichols’ lesbian romcom is the perfect summer read! Emma Nichols is the author of Summer 2018 No.1 Bestselling Lesbian Romance ‘Ariana’ and Summer 2017 No.1 Bestselling Lesbian Romance ‘Finding You’….

Cover of Elodie

Book: Elodie

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Jessica Jeffries

…very different reasons. Will Elodie be strong enough to face the demons of her past so that she can embrace the true love of her future? Dive into this sensual lesbian romance from international bestselling lesbian fiction author Emma Nichols….

Coer of Cosa Nostra 2

Book: Cosa Nostra 2

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Jessica Jeffries

…she loves and claim her and Simone’s freedom. If Cosa Nostra kept you on the edge of your seat, then buckle up. Best-selling lesbian fiction author Emma Nichols is about to take you on one hell of a roller coaster…

Cover of Cosa Nostra

Book: Cosa Nostra

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Jessica Jeffries

…lose the respect of her clan. Falling for Simone complicates an already complex situation. As the two women’s attraction for each other deepens, secrets are revealed that threaten their future together. Best-selling lesbian romance author Emma Nichols weaves a breath-taking…

Cover of Rock My Heart

Book: Rock My Heart

By Emma Nichols

…too attached to anyone ever again. Can she stop her heart from breaking twice as Alice grows closer to her and her feelings for Maddie deepen? Rock My Heart is the latest page-turner from bestselling lesbian romance author, Emma Nichols….

Cover of The Politician

Book: The Politician

By Emma Nichols

…From the Internationally best-selling author of Elodie and Rock My Heart, Emma Nichols brings us this steamy contemporary lesbian romance that takes the reader on a journey through the shadows of British politics and into the wonderfully sensual backdrop of…

Cover of Love in the Shadows

Book: Love in the Shadows

By Emma Nichols

In the crucible of war, can their love defy the odds? From the celebrated author of Madeleine and Don’t Tell Me Who to Love comes Emma Nichols’ Love in the Shadows — a gripping story of resilience in the face…

Cover of Don't Tell Me Who To Love

Book: Don't Tell Me Who To Love

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Jessica Jeffries

Gabi is footloose and fancy-free, floating through endless one-night stands and hangovers. So, when her grandmother announces she’s returning to Spain, Gaby is happy to tag along. After all someone needs to keep an eye on Nana, and a change…

Cover of Finding You

Book: Finding You

By Emma Nichols | Narrated by Nicole Blessing

Lauren Vincenti comes from wealth. Her family has owned their famous vineyard in Corsica for generations and they have a personal reputation to protect. Married to Rachel, Lauren lives and works in London as a lawyer. That is until her…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 33: 13 Books on Sale

…sections, including several top names in lesfic such as Jamey Moody, Kris Bryant, Emma Nichols, Fiona Zedde, Anna Stone, Lise Gold, and so many others. You’ll find lesfic age gap, wlw slow burn, queer action and adventure, and more with…