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Cover of Paybacks

Book: Paybacks

By Gabrielle Goldsby

Colby Dennis’s first thought was to toss the invitation to her ten-year high school reunion into the garbage. After all, she spent most of her adult life trying to forget high school—more specifically, her tormentor Mackenzie Brandt. But then, maybe…

Cover of Remember Tomorrow

Book: Remember Tomorrow

By Gabrielle Goldsby

Cees Bannigan has all the materials needed to build a happy life-a successful home improvement television show, a new house, and the attention of an intelligent and beautiful woman. So what is she doing at the hospital bedside of Arieanna…

Cover of Wall of Silence

Book: Wall of Silence

By Gabrielle Goldsby

But when police detective Foster Everett witnesses the unspeakable, average becomes deadly. A cover-up ensues and Foster escapes from her remorse at a neighborhood bar. There she meets Riley Meideros, the one person strong enough to hear Foster’s painful secret…

Cover of Never Wake

Book: Never Wake

By Gabrielle Goldsby

Troy Nanson, a bicycle messenger, awakens in a hospital with no memory of how she got there or how long she lay unconscious. When her calls for help go unanswered, Troy dials 911, but no one answers. As Troy explores…

Cover of The Caretaker's Daughter

Book: The Caretaker's Daughter

By Gabrielle Goldsby

Despite the barriers of class and sensibity, Lady Bronte and her groundskeeper Addison find first friendship and then something far deeper on the sweeping estates of Markby. Classic Romance at its most breathtaking.

Cover of Such a Pretty Face

Book: Such a Pretty Face

By Gabrielle Goldsby

Mia Sanchez is rocked when her partner of four years, Brenda Montalba, informs her that she has fallen out of love with her and plans to leave town for several months to give them time to “think about their future…

Cover of The Milk of Human Kindness

Book: The Milk of Human Kindness

By Lori L. Lake

…Clarke, J.M. Redmann, Jennifer Fulton, Gabrielle Goldsby, Lois Hart, Carrie Carr, SX Meagher, Jean Stewart, Cate Swannell, Therese Szymanski, Kelly Zarembski, Georgia Beers, Talaran, Julia Watts, Marie Sheppard Williams, Meghan Brunner, and Marcia Tyson Kolb Don’t miss this unforgettable collection!…