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Cover of Santa's Secret

Book: Santa's Secret

By JA Armstrong

…unexpected Christmas present after all. Forget everything you know about Santa Claus in this light-hearted, family-friendly holiday romance from JA Armstrong. Everyone deserves love—even a single lesbian mom who is an aerospace engineer and who happens to be Santa Claus…

Cover of Whimsical Princess

Book: Whimsical Princess

By Tiffany E. Taylor

…explosive secret. Riley Armstrong, Bryn Armstrong’s twin, is intrigued by the flame-haired femme, but wonders why a simple information analyst like Kelly has attracted the attention of the head of Percutio—a malignant crime organization headquartered in Florida. Grigor Reizan is…

Cover of Whimsical Haven

Book: Whimsical Haven

By Tiffany E. Taylor

When Rowan Holland of Woodbridge, Virginia lands squarely in the crosshairs of a psychotic stalker, fleeing to Whimsy, Florida might be her only chance of escape. There, she’ll meet the head of lesbian-owned Armstrong Protection Services. Possessive. Protective. Deadly. Bryn…

Cover of Whimsical Diva

Book: Whimsical Diva

By Tiffany E. Taylor

…rescues dangerously at-risk victims of domestic violence—women who are too frightened to even risk seeking shelter in the safe haven offered at Armstrong Protection Services. Nova secretly gets these women out before they’re killed by their abusers. Trillian Dacanay of…

Cover of Binding Devotion

Book: Binding Devotion

By Kiki Archer | Narrated by Ella Lynch

“But what’s more powerful?” Andi Armstrong is the 29-year-old CEO of the UK’s largest LGBT campaigning organisation, Proud Unity. She’s a public figure, an empowering speaker, a devoted boss and a loyal wife. Or so she thought. Having spent the…

Cover of Saving Summer's Santa

Book: Saving Summer's Santa

By Elle Armstrong

Ettia’s world is thrown into a spin when she is asked to go to the South Pole, to fill in for her uncle, the summer Santa, who has been taken ill. Upon arriving in Antarctica, Ettia is met with talking…

Cover of Crash Dance

Book: Crash Dance

By Elle Armstrong | Narrated by Ashleigh Binder

Retired dancer Gabriella De Luca’s day falls apart when her service car badly injures a young woman. Guilt, paired with a curious pull toward the attractive stranger, leads Gabriella to visit her in hospital, where an unexpected friendship begins. Bailey…

Cover of Cafe A' Moor

Book: Cafe A’Moor

By Elle Armstrong

There’s an instant connection when Max and Lauren’s eyes meet across a crowded café. But their attempts to get to know each other, are constantly thwarted by either Max’s mysterious alarm or Lauren’s frenemies, who Max nicknames the three witches….

Cover of By Design

Book: By Design

By J.A. Armstrong

J.D. Reid spends her days designing some of the most elegant and majestic buildings and homes in North America. U.S. Senator Candace Fletcher has spent her life working to build bridges between people. J.D. Reid is not who Candace Fletcher…

Cover of Who Stole Santas Squeakers

Book: Who Stole Santa’s Squeakers

By Elle Armstrong

Hedera, who works at Santa’s production factory, can’t stand the noise made by the squeakers that they put inside the Christmas Toys. That she is greatly annoyed by them is no secret, so when the latest batch goes missing, everything…