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Cover of The Shadow Cabinet

Book: The Shadow Cabinet

By Juno Dawson | Narrated by Nicola Coughlan

…forgotten her, including her former lover, renegade warlock Dabney Hale. On the other end of the continent, Leonie Jackman is in search of Hale, rumored to be seeking a dark object of ultimate power somehow connected to the upper echelons…

Cover of Technically Faking

Book: Technically Faking

By Robin Hale

It hasn’t made her many friends, but it has made her a fixture on all the best ‘Under 30’ lists in Silicon Valley and the CEO of SparkSignal, a company she built from nothing. And now it’s about to make…

Cover of Truly Wanted

Book: Truly Wanted

By JJ Hale | Narrated by Lula Larkin

After a chaotic childhood in a long line of foster homes, Sam McKenna found her version of serenity in her friendship with Brooke Fields. When tragedy forces Brooke to become a single mother, Sam is there for her. Sam ignores…

Cover of Under the Harvest Moon

Book: Under the Harvest Moon

By Robin Hale

The sort of adventure that means finding your people and discovering yourself and — well, it turns out that her adventure mostly looks like a studio apartment in a new city, a job at a quirky little bookshop, and humiliating…

Cover of Silhouette

Book: Silhouette

By Robin Hale

Dr. Molly Fawn’s life is surprisingly normal, considering that she spends her days running support for a man who can fly and lift city buses with one hand. But when Molly interrupts the Silhouette — the city’s most notorious thief…

Cover of Truly Enough

Book: Truly Enough

By J.J. Hale

Robyn Moore is a firefighter by trade and a lesbian lothario by choice. After losing her father and witnessing her mother’s broken heart, Robyn learns that loving someone never ends well. Spending her days trying to honor her father’s legacy…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

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Truly Enough

All About: Truly Enough by J.J. Hale

Truly Enough by J.J. Hale Released: Jun 13, 2023 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? The first hint of the idea came to me when reading through my debut novel, Truly Wanted, for edits. I liked writing…