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Cover of Trondheim

Book: Trondheim

By Cormac James

In Norway, thousands of miles from home, a student drops dead on the street. A passerby revives his heart, but he remains in a coma from which he may never wake. His mothers rush across the continent to his bedside…

Cover of The Sapphire Shadow

Book: The Sapphire Shadow

By James Wake

She has more than enough money to buy the best. That’s never been the point. Shoplifting is her hobby, her escape. When her high school friend, Tess, offers to help her break into real burglary, how could she refuse? Tess…

Cover of The Emerald Haven

Book: The Emerald Haven

By James Wake

But her reign of fabulous terror ended in a spectacular arrest, and she’s been locked away in solitary for almost three years. When she finally escapes, her family comes after her with every soldier in their vast private army, stopping…

Cover of The Wake of Saints

Book: The Wake of Saints

By A.M. Hamill

In Brig Nugh, an extraordinary chain of events is unleashed when sorcerer’s assistant Safia James foils an attempt on the life of her master. Shunned and left with blood on her hands, Safia finds an uneasy ally in Isa Cario:…

Cover of Text Me When You Get This

Book: Text Me When You Get This

By Frances Lucas

A school trip introduces her to Claire Tucker, who is everything Nora’s not. Optimistic, outgoing, self-confident. She’s a magnet to others, including the mysterious Ethan St. James, Claire’s best friend since freshman year. When Nora and Claire begin an unlikely…