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Cover of The Housemistress

Book: The Housemistress

By Keira Michelle Telford

But that’s really not a problem for sixth form student Rylie Harcourt. Instead, what might prove somewhat difficult to overcome is the school’s strict policy concerning on-campus relationships. All sexual contact is expressly forbidden. Carnal pursuits are a distraction from…

Cover of The Procuress

Book: The Procuress

By Keira Michelle Telford

Sure, she runs the most lucrative cathouse in the East End, but she’s never spread her legs for money. In fact, the life she led before embarking upon her relatively new vocation as a procuress is a topic that remains…

Cover of The Ruin Of Us

Book: The Ruin Of Us

By Keira Michelle Telford

In preparation for marriage, sixteen-year-old Maddie is packed off to finishing school. She anticipates spending a dreary summer refining her knowledge of the great literary classics, improving her needlepoint, and learning how to paint. Instead, she receives an altogether more…

Cover of Evonnia And The Maiden

Book: Evonnia And The Maiden

By Keira Michelle Telford

When eighteen-year-old Evonnia rescues a beautiful woman she finds lying naked, unconscious, and bound with rope in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, she has no idea she’s setting free a seductive water nymph….