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Cover of Tides of Love

Book: Tides of Love

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Life changes like the ocean tides, and Mikayla Pierce is discovering that the hard way. Recently divorced and learning more about her bisexuality, she struggles to find her way on her own. Living in a borrowed home in Oceana Mobile…

Cover of No Experience Required

Book: No Experience Required

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

She knows exactly what ignites the spark for others, but she has no desire to find love herself. You see, Izzy’s bipolar and not only fears being seen as damaged goods but is terrified that if anything goes wrong, it…

Cover of Sweet Spot

Book: Sweet Spot

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Standing up on the wave is hard enough, but finding the sweet spot is almost impossible when you’re battling riptides. Shia Turning has been battling riptides her entire life and she knows she’s close to finding the sweet spot. Having…

Cover of Sol Cycle

Book: Sol Cycle

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Ang Kennedy used to love riding a bike, but now spends all her time chasing paychecks and lofty titles. When her latest ambition to move into the big corner office unexpectedly falls through, she realizes she was chasing someone else’s…

Cover of Can't Leave Love

Book: Can't Leave Love

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Sophia McGovern can’t seem to settle down. Memories of all her bad decisions refuse to leave her alone. So, she moves from town to town, from one dead-end job to another, keeping to herself, which serves her well—until she arrives…

Cover of In the Cards

Book: In the Cards

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

There has to be more to life than work, home, repeat ad nauseam. The cards tell her she’s right, and lo and behold, Daria meets Phaedra Jean-Julien, a vibrant street performer who represents everything Daria knows is missing in her…