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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…First Sight To Love Again by Callie Hall Catch by Kris Bryant Midnight Tradition by Nicole Pyland Death Before Dessert by Amanda Radley With One Look by Jamey Moody Cure for Insomnia by Laina Villeneuve Heartsong by Lynn Ames Snow…

Cover of Return to Paradise

Book: Return to Paradise

By Laina Villeneuve

Do you believe in destiny? Guest-ranch manager Madison Carter certainly does. Abandoned as a small child, she knows little of her past but is convinced that uncovering it will lead her to healing and home. On a journey of self-discovery…

Cover of Cowgirl 101

Book: Cowgirl 101

By Laina Villeneuve

What Jo Harding loves most about the summer is being able to retreat from annoying humans. Though her friends say she’d be happier with someone sleeping by her side, she insists that all she needs to be happy are her…

Cover of Kat's Nine Lives

Book: Kat's Nine Lives

By Laina Villeneuve

Wedding bells are ringing for Kat Morehart—just not her own. When the church she works for refuses to let a gay couple marry in the sanctuary, she aims to make it up to them by offering her home as the…

Cover of Cure for Insomnia

Book: Cure for Insomnia

By Laina Villeneuve

According to her family, Karla Hernandez spends far too many hours working in the lab. A dedicated research scientist, she has contributed to a drug that could vastly improve the quality of life in diabetic patients. Her quality of life,…

Cover of Birds of a Feather

Book: Birds of a Feather

By Laina Villeneuve

Adrienne Stecher has always known she’s different, and she’s fine with her place on the spectrum. She loves her job and her apartment, and she’s happy to help out her grandfather a few times a month. If she could just…

Cover of Such Happiness as This

Book: Such Happiness as This

By Laina Villeneuve

Robyn Landy thought her happily-ever-after would start after she retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. Instead, she discovers that her job demands were not the only reason her eight-year relationship was tanking. Struggling to find equilibrium in her life, she…

Cover of The Right Thing Easy

Book: The Right Thing Easy

By Laina Villeneuve

When Dani Blazer set aside her career as a rodeo barrel racer for teaching in a California mountain town she thought it was for love and a family. All she has now is an empty home, a broken heart and…

Cover of Take Only Pictures

Book: Take Only Pictures

By Laina Villeneuve

Kristine Owens is back in the saddle to deal with unfinished business from her last summer guiding horseback tours in California’s High Sierras. A dalliance with an attractive blonde biologist would be a dangerous distraction. She must stay focused on…

Friday Feels Graphic

Top Sapphic Books, Brenda Murphy, Freebies, and More

…off to a wonderful start! We are thrilled to showcase Laina Villeneuve’s adorable dogs today. TB wasn’t surprised one bit by the hilarious picture. She and Miranda had the pleasure of meeting Laina last year at GCLS in Alburquerque. Laina