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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

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Cover of Mending Defects

Book: Mending Defects

By Lynn Galli

Life in a small town can be tricky. Laid-back Glory Eiben learned long ago that keeping personal information and opinions to herself goes a long way toward staying hassle free in her chosen home town. Much adored by the residents,…

Cover of Life Rewired

Book: Life Rewired

By Lynn Galli

She could picture her perfectly—petite, feminine, excitable, adoring, and ultra-affectionate. When the opposite of all that comes along in the form of Falyn Shaw, Molly never thought they’d be anything more than friends. Being wrong has never felt so good.

Cover of Something So Grand

Book: Something So Grand

By Lynn Galli

Not the kind of relationships she’s had in the past, anyway. She’s always settled for compatibility or common interests or misplaced enthusiasm when it comes to partners. Despite being her favorite subject in books and on screen, romance constantly eludes…