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Cover of Pacific Pack

Book: Reinventing Lindsey

By Maggie Brown

Studying the past hasn’t prepared Daisy Parker—anthropologist-turned-matchmaker—for her latest client. Finding Lindsey Jamieson-Ford a life partner isn’t exactly a simple exercise. Not only hasn’t Lindsey dated for years, the prickly, reclusive scientist relates better with her robots than with people….

Cover of In the Company of Crocodiles

Book: In the Company of Crocodiles

By Maggie Brown

Two strong-willed women are fighting for survival in a primitive wilderness of venomous snakes, stinging insects, and crocodile-infested swamps. Too bad those are the least of their worries. After being severely wounded in a covert operation, ex-Australian Secret Service officer…

Cover of Pursuing Pandora

Book: Pursuing Pandora

By Maggie Brown

Corporate Lawyer, Winter Carlyle has become jaded with romance after a messy public breakup. When her aunt asks her to visit a high-end nightclub to check on her younger cousin, Winter reluctantly agrees. Poking her nose into his love-life is…

Cover of Piping Her Tune

Book: Piping Her Tune

By Maggie Brown

Abby Benton thought she’d have the last laugh when she painted her competition portrait of the arrogant Victoria Myers. In her opinion, the beautiful, poised mining magnate needed to be taken down a peg. When their paths cross again it’s…

Cover of Playing the Spy

Book: Playing the Spy

By Maggie Brown

Hollywood star and the nation’s favorite daughter, Eleanor Godwin wants nothing more than time by herself, especially from the persistent press. What better place to recuperate after a particularly gruelling round of interviews than a picture-perfect exclusive island resort in…

Cover of Farewell My Sister

Book: Farewell My Sister

By Maggie Brown

A serial killer is terrorizing Brisbane, strangling women in dark places of the city. Journalist, Mac Griffith, arrives home from Afghanistan to find her sister has vanished into thin air. Used to digging for information in dangerous places, she begins…

Cover of I Can't Dance Alone

Book: I Can't Dance Alone

By Maggie Brown

When Sarah Phillips lands on top of Harriett Roberts in an overturned car it’s not an ideal first meeting. The overwhelming confusion she feels threatens her plans for a fresh start as a doctor in the Australian Outback. Veterinarian Harry…

Cover of The Last Time We Met

Book: The Last Time We Met

By Maggie Brown and Lani Hanson

Now fast-forward eleven years. Sexy and magnetic, Australian rock star Austen Farleigh is at the height of her spectacular career. Her penchant for one-night stands is as famous as her many songs. American Dr. Merritt Harrington now works for Doctors…

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Author Interview: Terri Cutshall Chats about Fall into Me

…movie star main characters; and I certainly can’t pass up a woman in uniform. I’ve always been a reader – some of my favorite authors are Patricia Cornwell, Sandra Brown, Kathy Reichs, Dan Brown, James Patterson and Stephen King. Describe…