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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Galactic Time by N.D. Shar and Natalie Debrabandere The Master of Puppets by Molly J Bragg Dancing in the Darkness by Lexa Luthor Exiled Stars by Ash Gray Deep Merge by Linda North A Shadow In Love by Karen D….

Cover of The Doc

Book: The Doc

By Natalie Debrabandere

IT’S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN… RIGHT? Dr Alex Delcourt certainly hopes so. A professor of medicine at the University of Sorbonne in Paris, VP of the cardiology department, and the most published in her field… She did not expect…

Cover of Above All, Human

Book: Above All, Human

By Natalie Debrabandere

US presidential hopeful Abigail Christensen is on a mission that goes far beyond her official political goals; it is planetary in its scope. As a secret global network threatens to silence her for good, she needs to watch her own…

Cover of Heart of Duty

Book: Heart of Duty

By Natalie Debrabandere

DONE WITH THIS THING CALLED LOVE? Once a rising star journalist, Lia Kennedy built a reputation for excellence on the frontlines of the Middle East. Even so, three years on the sidelines caring for her ailing father have left her…

Cover of Off The Written Path

Book: Off The Written Path

By Natalie Debrabandere

Community rescue pilot, Kai Walker, has learned the hard way that needing anyone can be dangerous. Appreciated by all, she is known by few. Her intimate relationships also remain short, sweet, and superficial. Her life may be empty, but it…

Cover of Rocking the Bodyguard

Book: Rocking the Bodyguard

By Natalie Debrabandere

Tristan Briggs was once a member of an elite law-enforcement task force. Following the murder of her partner, for which she blames herself, Tristan now works as a close-protection officer. Used to guarding CEOs or high-ranking diplomats, the last thing…