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Cover of Willow

Book: Willow

By Raven J. Spencer

Kat left her job six years ago to open a landscaping business and pursue a less dangerous lifestyle. She would never consider the offer her old partner and mentor Franklin Garrett makes her if she didn’t owe him: She’s supposed…

Cover of Three To Tango

Book: Three To Tango

By Raven J. Spencer

Detective Colby Jackson has the perfect life: A career she is passionate about, and a wife who loves her and understands her better than anyone. Colby’s perception is shattered when Adrianne makes a confession. She has met and fallen in…

Cover of The Contract

Book: The Contract

By Raven J. Spencer

Daisy is behind paying her rent. To make matters worse, hours at her job have been cut, and her kind landlady is moving away, handing the business over to her daughter Taylor. When Taylor finds out about Daisy’s dilemma, she…

Cover of Harem

Book: Harem

By Raven J. Spencer

Robin embarks on the adventure of a lifetime: She joins a modern day harem. Robin is thrilled with the intimacy in luxurious surroundings, lacking the entanglements of romance. Her focus is on her training, to be someday soon the favorite…

Cover of Surrender Series

Book: Surrender Series: Boxed Set

By Raven J. Spencer

The Surrender Series (1-3): Lesbian billionaire romance with a suspense twist Surrender Your Heart: Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local café, the next she…

Cover of A Perfect Dream

Book: A Perfect Dream

By Raven J. Spencer

At an erotic getaway for ladies only called A Perfect Dream, fantasies become reality. The guests aren’t looking for love…but some of them might be in for a surprise… A Perfect Dream A Second Chance Off Screen A Sweet Deal…

Cover of The Gift

Book: The Gift

By Raven J. Spencer

The sensual romance between an escort and her reluctant client… What do you do when your friends’ birthday surprise turns awkward? It’s Chloe’s birthday. She’s successful and single, and content with her life the way it is. When her friends…

Cover of Out Of The Shadows

Book: Out Of The Shadows

By Raven J. Spencer

Shelby Grace Nash, known as the drummer in Emmy Whittaker’s band, is stepping out of her friend’s shadow to produce an album of her own. While making her dream come true, Shelby Grace has to examine the reasons why her…

Cover of Behind The Scenes

Book: Behind The Scenes

By Raven J. Spencer

Molly is an actress hoping to get her big break someday. She’s intrigued and troubled alike by her attraction to Caitlyn, who happens to be her boyfriend’s assistant. She knows she has to break up with him, but timing never…

Cover of Surrender Forever

Book: Surrender Forever

By Raven J. Spencer

Her team confronts Carter with disturbing information. Is Penny stealing from her, betraying her by working with Carter’s enemies? Nick seems to think so, but Carter doesn’t want to believe her wife could turn against her. She makes inquiries of…