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Sapphic Trailblazers

Sapphic Trailblazer: Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts: A Sapphic Trailblazer in the World of Broadcasting Welcome to our latest Pride post, where we shine a light on the remarkable life and career of sapphic trailblazer, Robin Roberts. Join us as we explore her early life,…

Cover of Vagabond Heart

Book: Vagabond Heart

By Ann Roberts

…accompany Quinn on the adventure of a lifetime. Can Quinn and Suda find love, three cats, and the mysterious woman named Rain, all on America’s fabled highway—Route 66? Join Ann Roberts on this adventure of a lifetime in Vagabond Heart….

Cover of A Carol for Karol

Book: A Carol for Karol

By Ann Roberts

…a future elsewhere and the magnetic pull of her reignited feelings for CJ. Dive into a festive tale by award-winning author Ann Roberts, where love and laughter blend seamlessly, honoring the magic of the most wonderful time of the year….

Cover of A Flight to Love

Book: A Flight to Love

By Frankie Fyre

…be far away from the festivities. When a blizzard ruins her plans to escape to an island vacation, she’s not only stranded inside an airport, but stuck with Calissa Roberts—the one who got away a decade ago. Calissa Roberts has…

Cover of I Can't Dance Alone

Book: I Can't Dance Alone

By Maggie Brown

When Sarah Phillips lands on top of Harriett Roberts in an overturned car it’s not an ideal first meeting. The overwhelming confusion she feels threatens her plans for a fresh start as a doctor in the Australian Outback. Veterinarian Harry…

Cover of Strong Force

Book: Strong Force

By René Roberts

After a highly stressful event and under pressure from her boss, Shae McPherson reluctantly reports for her first therapy session with Doctor Adrian Ramsey. Shae is surprised to find that Dr. Ramsey isn’t a man as she’d expected, but a…

Cover of The Convincing Hour

Book: The Convincing Hour

By Ann Roberts

Brilliant fifteen-year-old Story Black has heard that the smartest kids go from jail to a special school―and then on to college. The mastermind behind it all is Lakeview’s newest citizen, Charlotte Barnaby, a former high school principal and winner of…

Cover of Maddalena and the Dark

Book: Maddalena and the Dark

By Julia Fine | Narrated by Sophie Roberts

Venice, 1717. Fifteen-year-old Luisa has only wanted one thing: to be the best at violin. As a student at the Ospedale della Pietà, she hopes to join the highest ranks of its illustrious girls’ orchestra and become a protégé of…

Cover of Dying on the Vine

Book: Dying on the Vine

By Ann Roberts

But then they arrive at Sisters Cellars only to find that the sommelier, Dion Demopolous, has been murdered. Dion had been favored to win the Master Sommelier title at the world’s most prestigious wine competition, and now more than a…

Cover of The Complete Package

Book: The Complete Package

By Ann Roberts

Adrift for years since her partner’s death and her son’s estrangement, Lenny Barclay isn’t sure what she wants. Her friends despair of cheering her up. Even making her mayor of their idyllic Colorado mountain town doesn’t awaken the joyous, passionate…