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Cover of Gravity

Book: Gravity

By Renee Porter

She’s not popular, constantly bullied, and now the whole school knows her sexual orientation and not by choice. The only person in her corner is her mother and B was fine with that…that is, until she meets her new neighbor,…

Cover of Counting Stars

Book: Counting Stars

By Renee Porter

After a dramatic turn of events, she secluded herself from that life, fully engrossing herself in her work of keeping young LGBTQ youths off of the street. Even though her love life leaves much to the imagination, Ryan depends on…

Cover of Among the Stars

Book: Among the Stars

By Renee Porter

She planned her future from the beginning, taking each detailed step toward a life that would be sure to reward her with success. But Jen was not able to plan on Taylor, and her carefully laid out future seemed to…

Cover of Summer Daze

Book: Summer Daze

By Renee Porter

Summer Bloom was popular, beautiful and everything that Jayce wanted, or so she thought. She never realized that life was more than just wanting a crush and in turn, desperately falls for someone who she never thought possible. Eleanor Bloom…