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Cover of Heartlines

Book: Heartlines

By Simonetta Pastorini

Dianna Laydon is an actress starring in one of TV’s top series, Treasure Hunt, but she has never gotten used to fame. In her heart, she’s still the simple Southern girl who had moved to Los Angeles years ago to…

Cover of Drift

Book: Drift

By Simonetta Pastorini

Vivien and Dianna are not handling the latest development in their relationship well, albeit in different ways. Working together is becoming increasingly difficult, and despite their friends are trying to help them find their way back to each other, their…

Cover of Tessellate

Book: Tessellate

By Simonetta Pastorini

Almost two years have gone by since Vivien proposed to Dianna, and the two women are trying to finally reach their happy endings. One night, though, Elise’s confession will bring some old feelings, old conflicts, and old problems back to…

Cover of Exile

Book: Exile

By Simonetta Pastorini

Exile starts right where Tessellate has left off. Vivien’s letter shattered the Reese-Laydon-Holt family. Dianna and Elise need to find a way to get by, adjusting to this new reality, and to take care of a very distraught Victoria. Month…