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Cover of The Trick to Finding Love

Book: The Trick to Finding Love

By TJ Dallas

…caught actively defacing one of the greatest historical sites that Skye has ever seen? It wouldn’t matter, but when Skye’s rental car gets a flat tyre, the enigmatic Trick appears once more looking unfairly sexy in her dirty coveralls. Skye

Cover of If It's Meant to Be

Book: If It's Meant to Be

By Skye Von Triessen

Dr. Alexandra Edison lives a life that many would be envious of. A beautiful world-famous fiancée, more money than she could spend and a career that she loved. To honor her grandfather’s wishes, she moved from L.A. to Seattle to…

Cover of A Kind Deception

Book: A Kind Deception

By Skye Von Triessen

Two sapphic romance authors? They are brilliant at crafting the greatest feeling of all. But, can they manipulate the game of love in real life the same as they do with the characters they create? They should know how to…

Cover of When We're Meant to Be

Book: When We're Meant to Be

By Skye Von Triessen

When Dr. Alexandra Edison’s world was ripped apart, the last thing she expected was to end up in a casual affair with Blake Westmore. Soon after she was forced to choose between her past and her present, when her strong…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…by Caren J. Werlinger Say Yes to the Cheerleader by Abby Crofton The Summer We’ve Had by Katherine Blakeman Coming Out on the Field by Sam Kestrel Take Two by Stephanie Shea When We’re Meant to Be by Skye Von

Cover of Change Of Plans

Book: Change Of Plans


…to function spontaneously which has spiked her anxiety so much, she’s put her therapist on speed-dial. Skye Reynolds, bike courier entrepreneur, knows all about exploding plans. That’s literally how she lost her job when her company blew up a 40,000-year-old…

A Kind Deception

All About: A Kind Deception by Skye Von Triessen

A Kind Deception by Skye Von Triessen Released: Jul 09, 2023 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? There were so many aspects of life that inspired this book. It wasn’t the book that I was supposed to…

Cover of Occasions of Sin

Book: Occasions of Sin

By Elena Graf

For seven centuries, the convent of Obberoth has been hiding the nuns’ secrets-scandalous manuscripts locked in a vault, a ruined medical career, forbidden passions, perhaps even a murder. In the spring of 1931, Margarethe von Stahle, an aristocratic physician, arrives…

Cover of Wanted by the Wolf

Book: Wanted By The Wolf

By Ariel Marie | Narrated by Auri Alden

Skye Lennon was on the run for her life. A civil war had recently broken out amongst the wolves and humans in her hometown. Death and violence surrounded them, making it no longer safe for her small family. Her son’s…

Cover of It Started With A Kiss

Book: It Started With A Kiss

By Clare Lydon

When two strangers meet in a bar and share a scorching, once-in-a-lifetime kiss, they never expect to see each other again. Until days later when Skye walks into Gemma’s Surrey vineyard. For once, Gemma is lost for words. When they…