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Cover of A Heart to Hold

Book: A Heart to Hold

By Sula Sullivan

Emma meets Snow White. Harmony has it all. Apple has nothing left to lose. A chance meeting changes everything. Having none of the “normal inducements” to marriage, Harmony Worth is content to enjoy her family’s fortune, meddle in the lives…

Cover of Debate and Decadence

Book: Debate and Decadence

By Sula Sullivan

Charmed meets Pride and Prejudice Like any good mysterious witch, Amaya seldom ventures further than the woods that surround her cottage. She fills her days with foraging, spell testing, and reading. Amaya would happily spend all her days and nights…

Cover of Sweet Nothings and Other Confections

Book: Sweet Nothings and Other Confections

By Sula Sullivan

Lucille Waters, a spunky but anxious aspiring artist, finds herself caught in a conundrum. Her parents want her to marry or become a governess. In order to avoid either fate, she needs a solution— and quickly. On a whim, she…