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Author Interview: Susan X Meagher Chats about Full Circle

Get ready to learn more about the book Full Circle in this discussion with sapphic author Susan X Meagher. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Susan X Meagher about Full Circle, writing, reading, and…

Cover of A Novel Beginning

Book: A Novel Beginning

By Susan X Meagher | Narrated by Susan X Meagher

Misfortune has been raining down on Kirsten Holland for what seems like forever, but one good friend, along with one annoyingly supportive neighbor, have convinced her to take a stab at a new career. She’d never been motivated to write…

Cover of Full Circle

Book: Full Circle

By Susan X Meagher | Narrated by Susan X. Meagher

But they accomplished that in a unique way. Family members served as go-betweens, allowing Dex to have frequent visits with Kendall, while not interacting with Tracy at all. No visits, no calls, no emails, no texts. They have spoken not…

Cover of Smooth Sailing

Book: Smooth Sailing

By Susan X Meagher

Opening a new theme park is not for kids. Laurie Nielsen is so overworked and overstressed that she’s forced to take a vacation—on one of her company’s kid-centric cruise ships. It’s a slow torture, but she eventually makes the best…

Cover of All That Matters

Book: All That Matters

By Susan X Meagher

She’s a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves—and they’re actively working to have a baby. The wrench in the works is that Blair favors adoption, while…

Cover of Awakenings

Book: Awakenings

By Susan X Meagher

What no one can know is that the course, The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience, will propel Jamie onto a journey of self-awareness and realization. For the required fieldwork, Jamie is paired with the darkly beautiful Ryan O’Flaherty – a…

Cover of The Crush

Book: The Crush

By Susan X Meagher

Aldo Bagnolesi finally has what he’s long wanted. Control of the family winery in Tuscany. The only little detail is that someone has to manage the place for a few years. He’s far too involved in his company to leave…

Cover of The Keeper's Daughter

Book: The Keeper's Daughter

By Susan X Meagher

Sometimes you just have to get away. Even the best job can slowly drain your battery. When Gillian Lindsay realizes it’s time for a recharge, she impetuously decides to visit Scotland. Knowing nothing about the country, she schedules a tour…