A Dog Named Bella

The Small Town Sparks Series, Book 1

By Bel Blackwood

When hot-headed journalist Amy gets snowed in with ice queen billionaire Morgan, she discovers that there are better things in life than getting the perfect scoop...

One ice queen who likes solitude. One firebrand crashing into her life. One snowstorm trapping them together.

Ambitious journalist Amy Kelly has her big break at her fingertips. She’s lined up an interview with Morgan Leithe—THE Morgan Leithe, the self-made billionaire who mysteriously vanished from the public eye three years ago. Amy only has to travel to the tiny New Zealand town Morgan’s hiding in, nab that interview, and have it published before her big performance review. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am—that promotion is basically in the bag.

But Amy didn’t plan for the bone-chilling blizzard sweeping through the sleepy little town, and she definitely didn’t plan to have to wait out a snowstorm with a woman whose piercing blue eyes seem to see right through her…

Betrayed by those closest to her, brilliant philanthropist Morgan Leithe has made a new life for herself far away from the glitz and glamour. She’ll keep everyone at arm’s length to make sure that no-one can hurt her again. She’s sworn off romance. All that she needs in life is a good book, her dogs by her side, and solitude. Life in her cozy mountain cottage is peaceful and quiet, just the way she wants it.

But now a tenacious younger woman with sparkling eyes is awakening something in her that she’s tried her hardest to bury.
Four days. That’s how long she’ll have to wait before the snowstorm lifts and the stranger with the heart-stopping smile can leave for good.

Four days of just the two of them, a crackling fire, and the wild New Zealand scenery around them.

She can keep this professional, right?

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