A Troublemaker May Surprise

The Troublemaker Series, Book 2

By Genta Sebastian

Every surprise is a dazzling ambush.

It’s 1968 and the Troublemakers, a band of merry lesbians living on a tiny island in the mid-Atlantic, are braving the shockingly decadent waves of a European sexual revolution, all except Traf who still flounders.

Capt. Traf Mendes, a VIP driver for the USAF, has traveled a bit, tasted foreign fruits, met people who live far from her home, and fallen in with a Romani family of gypsy performers in Spain. The breathtaking flamenco dancer, Carmen, makes romantic advances, offering sexual pleasures Traf’s never experienced.

She craves sexual fulfillment almost as much as she wants to give her girl everything her heart desires. Unhappily her beloved Ana, faithful to a fault but a lukewarm lover at best, wants something Traf can’t provide – a child to raise together like a respectable married couple. A prostitute’s unwanted newborn might be the answer. If Traf adopts the child in secret to present to Ana as a surprise, perhaps this ultimate act of love will solve all their problems.

The temptation to run away, embrace a wilder side of herself, and join the gypsies, becomes all consuming. Will the siren song of adventure cause her to abandon everything she’s ever loved?

Or can the sweet familiar call of hearth and home navigate her safely through troubled waters? And will it cure Traf’s fascination with seductive Carmen, an exotic Spanish flamenco dancer whose bedroom eyes promise so much… and her hips even more?

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