The Love in Ginerva Series, Book 1

By B. Beckett

After 2 years of being forced to fight for a world that isn’t her own, Dante runs into a one-night stand she hasn’t stopped thinking about.

It’s been two years since Dante was brought to this world. During that time, she had to fight for this world and the people that live in it. She does things she never thought she would. When the team is told they can’t go home, she’s lost. That is until she runs into a one-night stand. Now she can’t stop thinking about her and wants nothing more than to be there for her.

Alondra won’t let anybody get close. She’s been burned before and she won’t risk it again, especially not a fire genasi from the latest group of hirelings. She’ll just have to get her out of her system. If that’s true then why can’t she stop thinking about Dante? She has plenty of time to get over her, right? Or so she thought until Dante struts into her tavern one night. As much as she knows she should push Dante away, she wants to keep her close all the same

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