The Four Point Universe, Book 1

By Max Ellendale

Anita never expected her life, or career, to fall victim to the same crimes as her patients.

Doctor Anita Oliver is steadfast in her support of her patients and friends. Always reliable, always there when they need her. After a lifetime spent consulting with the FBI and working for the Seattle Police Department, Anita tumbled onto the front line of the Four Point Killer case. During those years, she helped the people she cared about through endless emotional and physical pain. Now, while the survivors grow beyond the influences of their shared trauma, and begin thriving in their newfound love and happiness, Anita endures the aftermath of the case on her own. Forever on the outskirts, can Anita relinquish the role she’s bound herself to over the years in order to embark on her own healing journey? Or will she remain the sole survivor still stuck in the rubble of a collapsed life?

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