Another Chance at Love

By Susie Ray

Joan and Wendy are both keeping secrets from their husbands and families - their three monthly, sexy reunions...

A collection of 10 sizzling stories of Women loving Women

Another Chance at Love – tells the story of Joan and Wendy’s sexy three-monthly re-unions, making up for lost time, wishing they could make their sessions permanent, but Joan has a husband and two teenage daughters, back home. Wendy has ties too, and their future seems impossible.

When Wendy fails to make contact as their arrangement falls due, Joan is so worried, it shows through the façade that she presents to her family, and gets advice from an unlikely source… Will she act upon it and will her dreams become reality, giving her another chance at love?


A Note to Mr Arnold – Jenny rang the front door-bell at two minutes to nine, next morning forcing a smile to cover her apprehension. The door opened revealing two very pretty women in their late twenties or early thirties. Jenny started, “Good morning, my name is Jenny – the agency sent me to be your housemaid for the day.”

They beckoned her inside and the first woman asked “Did the agency elaborate on what was expected of you?”

“No ma-am, they just told me it was an exotic appointment and I would be expected to do whatever I was told.”

Little did Jenny realise what it would lead to, or how happy she would ultimately be…


Eight other sizzling short stories are included in this anthology – best read when alone!

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