Beauty and the Bitch

By Shawna Hunter

Finding her job at risk after an embarrassing mishap, Isabelle is forced to embark on a path to physical fitness, a path, she soon finds, she can't traverse alone.

Seeking out a trainer to help her change her body she finds herself in the grasp of the dominant, mischievous and oh so infuriating Rachel. Isabelle quickly learns that changing her body won’t be her only challenge when she finds herself becoming attracted to Rachel, of all people. Temptations she’d never imagined possible dazzle her at every turn making it difficult to know which way is up.

Soon Isabelle is involved in a full fledged relationship with the enigmatic trainer, and before she fully understands her feelings toward Rachel they’re already being tested. Isabelle’s job was always on the line but when Rachel’s is also threatened the two must come together like never before. A journey of sex, romance and struggle ensues as the two women are destined to rise or fall together. Can their fledgling relationship survive the road ahead? With Isabelle’s whole world turning upside down the only lifeline is a sexy, naughty, bitchy domme and the tiger within herself that she intends to drag out into the light.

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