Best Served Hot

By Natasha West

Revenge has never been so hot

When Nicole Penrose comes home unexpectedly to find her TV producer husband Ethan with a younger woman, she’s madder than she’s ever been in her life. She leaves, unseen by her betrayers, to stew on the end of her marriage. Who the hell is this hot young blonde who has wrecked her marriage for the hell of it? Nicole decides to confront her, as a warmup for the big showdown with her husband.

But when she finds the other woman, it’s not as simple as all that. Her name is Alex Torrence and she’s been lied to as well, having no idea about Ethan’s marital status. And when Alex finds out she’s been made a mistress, she’s as angry as Nicole. The two of them decide that getting mad isn’t enough. Getting even sounds a lot more satisfying. And Ethan has no idea he’s been rumbled as a liar and a cheat. He’ll never see them coming.

It starts with infiltrating Ethan’s real love – his successful medical drama – to create mayhem behind the scenes and drive the oblivious love-rat to the brink of madness. And damn if it’s not fun. It turns out that Nicole and Alex are a hell of a team. In fact, Nicole is starting to see what her husband might have found so attractive about Alex…

Best Served Hot is a fun and witty romantic comedy from the internationally bestselling author of Just Married? and The Missus.

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