Biker Babe Bundle

By Suze Snow

Grab this collection of 3 hot revving biker stories that'll have your heart racing and your pulse beating...everywhere!

Biker Babe Bundle – Babes that like their bikes as much as their toys

Hot Salon Tease
Alyssa is a hot, young, horny woman who is celebrating her nineteenth birthday. She gets more than a new look when she goes to a new hair stylist, KC. She’s instantly attracted to KC, a sexy tattooed chick who pulls up on a motorcycle. Mischief during the shampoo session leads to a wet tank top and ends with KC giving Alyssa a large birthday package to play with. Look inside to read more about Alyssa’s best birthday ever, or rather the naughtiest one ever.

Hot Ride Home
After receiving good news at work, Jami didn’t think her evening could get any better. On the way home, she spots a hot sexy woman having car trouble on the side of the highway. Jami offers Sylvia a ride home on her motorcycle, but that isn’t all Sylvia plans on riding after spotting Jami is packing. Will Sylvia release Jami’s raging pent-up desires and temptations?

Lesbian Speed Chaser
Diane loves the thrill of riding her motorcycle to work every day. What woman wouldn’t love a couple hundred pounds of vibrating power beneath her? What she wanted even more beneath her was the sexy tattooed brunette biker who had been taunting and teasing her every morning on her commute. The sight of her wearing skin tight black leather with matching black leather boots was enough to rev her engine, but imagining what was underneath was what got her through her evenings alone. What happens when Diane chases the mysterious brunette and they end up in a cabin? Diane is about to experience the ride of her life.

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