Blue Rose Red

By B. R. Rhodes

People with autism see the world from a different perspective.

And when they fall in love? That happens differently too.

But there can be a lasting beauty and depth in finding love on another spectrum.

Briar Rhodes never expected to have any friends. But that all changed when she met Savannah Florez. And then everything changed all over again when she fell in love with her.

Rigid, rule-obsessed Briar struggles with her autism, her mother and her self-esteem. In contrast, Savannah is confident, popular and rebellious—though hidden behind her mask of bravado are struggles of her own.

Their biggest problem? They are both girls.

With their love seen as social suicide at their high school, Briar has to decide which rules to break. And when Savannah gets caught up in a terrifying situation, she finds out which rules should never be broken.

An #ownvoices novel that’s honest and real, Blue Rose Red is a powerful coming-of-age story for all who have ever sought to find their place in the world.

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