Building Love

By M. E. Tudor

One rebuild will change four lives.

After losing her father in a car accident, Patty McNeal went on a self-destructive wild streak and made a lot of bad choices. Now she’s pregnant and still has a year of high school left to get through. Patty feels guilty for putting her grieving mother, Sandy, through the additional pain of having to deal with an out of control daughter after losing her husband. When Sandy announces that she has purchased a house that she intends to make into a bed and breakfast, Patty becomes determined to make up for the pain she caused her mother by helping Sandy make her dream of owning a bed and breakfast a reality.

Theresa Garland has always been a daddy’s girl and loves working on her father’s construction job sites, so it was natural for her to follow in her father’s footsteps and go to work at his company after college. When Theresa’s father gives her Sandy McNeal’s contract, she realizes that Sandy is Patty McNeal’s mother, a girl she’d had a mild crush on in high school.

Patty and Theresa become friends as the work on Sandy’s bed and breakfast takes off. The two young women become friends. Patty begins to feel things for Theresa she doesn’t completely understand. Theresa’s crush on Patty grows into full-blown infatuation, but she fears the feelings Patty seems to be having for her may be due to hormones more than real attraction.

When Patty goes into labor early, Theresa is right by her side. Patty tells her that she wanted Theresa there for the birth of her daughter, Matilda. Theresa was already in love with Patty, but the second she lays eyes on Matilda, she becomes overcome with an even stronger emotion, the sense of connection that is so powerful it’s almost overwhelming.

This story is about a slow building love that will build a family and last a lifetime.

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