Crash Dance

By Elle Armstrong

What happens when the worst day of your life turns into the best?

Retired dancer Gabriella De Luca’s day falls apart when her service car badly injures a young woman. Guilt, paired with a curious pull toward the attractive stranger, leads Gabriella to visit her in hospital, where an unexpected friendship begins. Bailey Williams finds out that when your whole world crashes, a new dance can begin. Seriously injured and needing rehabilitation, Bailey is surprised when Gabriella offers her home for recuperation. As Bailey’s injuries gradually heal, she starts to fall for the compelling Gabriella. As Gabriella’s feelings for Bailey deepen, she has to decide if she can ever trust a younger woman again. A problem at Gabriella’s dance studio threatens their burgeoning relationship and a new enemy could bring it all crashing down. Will Gabriella and Bailey waltz off into the sunset or quickstep apart?

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