Destination You

By J.J. Arias

Fantasy Becomes Reality in this Super Steamy Age-Gap, Ice Queen Romance

When 27-year-old free-spirit Taylor Lopez flies back to Miami to attend her high school reunion, she doesn’t expect to run into Mrs. Alonso — her former history teacher — at the airport. The fact that Taylor’s crush on the intense woman comes roaring back to life is not a surprise, but she wasn’t expecting the attraction to go both ways.

Raquel Alonso’s life is too full for romance. Back in Miami to receive an award from the students she taught a decade earlier, the 46-year-old intends on using the rare weekend away to relax. Her plan is disrupted by her undeniable, and inappropriate, chemistry with Taylor.

Unable to stay away from each other, Raquel and Taylor give in to lust. But what happens when it’s time to say goodbye? Can Raquel really keep pretending their time together was just a fling?

If you like super steamy age-gaps hot enough to melt even the coldest ice queen, you’ll love this provocative romance with a ton of heart.

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