Doomsday Cruise

By Erin Wade

A Lesbian cruise ship on its maiden voyage with two-thousand women and one serial killer on board.

Everyone is seeking something or someone as they embark on the maiden voyage of The Gala Lady, flagship for Lesbian Cruises International. Assigned dining tables are designed to encourage meeting and getting to know new friends and lovers.

Married couple Christine and Ricky are delighted to have other successful women sharing their dining table and cruise experiences. The couple enjoys first-class staterooms, fine dining, and the activities on the ship until a young woman dies outside their door.

The ten women seated at their table form their own little village as they unveil their own secrets and desires to one another. Some find heartache and some find love. Some find betrayal.

The ship’s authorities have no clues or suspects in the murder and panic begins to set in when another woman is murdered in the same fashion. Ship’s captain Rylie Barrett strives to keep the deaths a secret to prevent panic. She knows that one more death will signal a serial killer is on board the boat.

Captain Barrett and her security officers race against time as they struggle to identify the culprit knowing they have two thousand vulnerable women on a floating resort in the middle of the ocean with a cold-blooded killer on the loose.

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