Down South Bayou

By Aricka Alexander

Ball Hard. Love Harder.

Life is flipped upside down for Cheyenne Haney when her fairytale-like relationship of 5 years suddenly ends the day her boyfriend finally proposes to her. She’s heartbroken and storms out of the apartment seeing nothing but red. She’s so distracted that she doesn’t see the car hurling toward her. Right before the worst outcome could happen, she’s pulled away just in time by a mysterious, yet gorgeous person who introduces themself as Harley.

Harley Dunn is every bit of cool, funny, and gorgeous. As a beloved member of the local WNBA team, the Baton Rouge Bayou it’s easy to see how outgoing she is. She loves to joke and have fun, but when it comes to relationships, she’s never had much luck. That is until she crosses paths with Cheyenne again at one of her basketball games.

After some mild flirting on both of their parts, Cheyenne and Harley begin a steamy friends-with-benefits relationship that was meant to be just that. However, when they start catching feelings for one another, things start to get a bit complicated. From annoying exes to traumatic past experiences to unwanted surprises, will their relationship be able to withstand the chaos? Or will their worst fears of heartbreak be reinforced?

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