Enchanted By Her

The Mainely Books Club Series, Book 2

By Chelsea M. Cameron

Joy didn't expect her fake wedding date to lead to some very real feelings.

I was NOT looking forward to my sister’s wedding in the fall. It’s just another reminder of how single I am and how much pressure my family is putting on me to “find the one.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hopeless romantic, but all their meddling is making me feel a little murderous.

Then one day a woman walks into the bookshop where I work. She’s got a sleeve of tattoos, an undercut, and a smile that makes me want to swoon. Overcome by her hotness, I blurt out a proposal: how would she like to come with me to a wedding and pretend to be my girlfriend?

Turns out Ezra Evans is new to Arrowbridge and she’ll do it, but not for free. We shake on it and then I have my very own fake girlfriend and no idea what to do with her. Ezra seems to have plenty of suggestions, many of which make me blush. Things between us heat up even before the wedding, and I can’t stop wondering if this relationship might be something real after all.

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