Eternal Love

By Nived

There’s fire in what slips from her lips, this woman that might not even exist.

So much passion and way too much aggression, trying to teach me a lesson. What if your dreams were really a reality, an old life, or an alternate path based on a technicality? Her eyes, the eyes of a tiger, burned into the back of Devin’s mind after waking from that same nightmare, but the question upon waking is who is she and why is this happening? Who is this mystery woman?

Devin is your average college student, with dreams of seeing the world with her camera and her two best friends. Her past isn’t the most pleasant, but she grew up surrounded by love and compassion and won’t let anything stand in the way of her goals, and that includes dating. Women are a distraction, and honestly, Devin didn’t know she needed one until she “bumped” into Amirah. Confusion sets in when friendship turns to feelings and Amirah being in a long-term relationship, but the confusion was overshadowed by anger and frustration as it turns out Devin and Amirah have a complicated history.

As the truth slowly comes out, Devin learns she’s not who, or even what, she thinks she is and there’s more to her story. She must embark on a journey of love, betrayal, and discovery in order to understand that she is the key to changing everything around her. Primal instincts set in when she discovers whom those eyes belong to and wrongs must be righted, but what would you expect if you found the woman of your dreams?

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